Children on crocodile, Croker Island 1950s


ABC Report on the Making Of Croker Island Exodus
The original Croker Island Exodus was scorchingly hot, dangerous and a whole lot of fun. The filming of this incredible story proved to be a similar experience.

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Croker Island Exodus tells “epic” story

National Indigenous Radio interview with Director Steven McGregor

Barefoot childhood odyssey ends with world premiere, 70 years on

Sydney Morning Herald story  2012 Sydney Film Festival, “Alice Briston and Jessie Lyons, in their 80s, still recall their group canoeing across a crocodile-infested river, tussling over who would eat a dead goanna, discovering leeches in a waterhole they were drinking from and walking barefoot for days across rugged terrain”

Darwin Filmmaker to document Croker Island Exodus

Interview on ABC Darwin Radio, August 2011

The Way Back

Story in FilmInk, June 2012 “Renowned for his documentary work, depicting accounts of tremendous will in the history of the Indigenous people, McGregor has brought another tale of human endurance to the fore”.