Croker Island is an hour’s flight north of Darwin at the meeting place of the Arafura Sea and the Timor Sea. The traditional owners are the Yammirr people. Many Aboriginal people acknowledge Croker Island as the birthplace of the Rainbow Serpent – one of the most important spiritual beings in the Dreamtime. The island is covered with tropical rainforest, fringed by sandy beaches and coral reef. Birds like Brolga and Jabiru are abundant.

The Methodist Overseas Mission started building a mission at Croker Island in 1940 to house children of ‘mixed descent’. The mission on Croker was designed as a children’s home with dormitories instead cottages and groups of children placed under the care of cottage mothers.

Croker Island Mission was closed in 1966, with many of the children being transferred to Lentara Children’s Home in Magill, South Australia or into foster care and adoption around Australia.

Today Croker Island is home to the Aboriginal community of Minjilang, located at Mission Bay on the east coast.

List of Croker Island Evacuees

Beryl Adams
Rosemary Adams
Noreen Althouse
Dorothy Anderson
Eileen Austral
Michael Austral
Lenny Bell
Alexander Biondi
Charles Biondi
Frank Biondi
Harry Biondi
Hazel Biondi
Levina Biondi
Mrs Queenie Biondi
Sidney Biondi
Ruby Braun
Mada Brookes
Hazel Burton
Marjorie Bush
Nancy Cameron
Alice Carroll
Gladys Casey
Jack Clancy
Nigali Clayton
Rosy Cobb
Claudette Colbert
Stephen Colbert
Alfred Croker
Jack Dale
Jessy Davidson
Betty Davis
Polly Dean
Violet Ellison
Queenie Farrar
Betty Fisher
Daisy Fisher
Harold Flynn
Cyril Frith
Mattie Frith
Louie Goodall
Connie Gordon
James Grant
Betty Harvey
Charlie Hayes
Teddy Hayes
Claire Henty
Desley Hunter
John Hunter
Leslie Jones
Nancy Jones
Judy Kay
June Kent
Lily Kunoth
George Lake
Ruby Liddle
Violet Liddy
Gladys Long
Bett Bett McDonald
Jessie March
Peter Marshall
Myrtle Martin
Daisy Murphy
Tony Newcastle
Florrie Nichols
Harry North
Olive Peake
Bob Randall
Ron Roberts
Jessie Rogers
Alec Ross
Eileen Riley
Delsey Rotuma
Bill Ryan
Jim Ryan
Amy Scrymgour
Dolly Scrymgour
Jack Scymgour
Rita Semkin
Bobby Shepherd
Molly Shepherd
Nellie Shepherd
Patsy Shepherd
Pauline Shepherd
Ada Smith
Margaret Somerville
Molly Stone
Amy Tennant
Dick Tennant
Lorna Tennant
Linda Vale
Keith Wale
Gladys Walker
Audrey Waters
Edie Waters
Jessie Waters
Mona Waters
Netta Waters
Annie Wauchope
Jim Wauchope
Ruby Willis
Connie Wilson
Nida Wilson
Bella Woodroffe

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